Who is SCapitalist?

He is young, ambitious, and hungry; not for food, but for success.  The typical slice of American pie is enough for most, but not for this budding capitalist.  Why does he want more?  Greed?  Materialism?  Rampant over-zealous consumerism?  No, none of these apply.  He simply wants a larger slice than most because he know deep inside that he has the potential to achieve whatever he so desires.

He has rejected the null hypothesis that one must settle in life.  It seems to him that most Americans are preprogrammed to settle; and few attempt to challenge this notion.  They settle on being overweight, claiming their a victim of the “fat gene”.  Or they settle on their career, claiming the never get an “opportunity”.  SCapitalist rejects that thinking; firmly believing that life is nothing more than a culmination for choices and chance.  We have direct control over the choices in our life and indirectly influence chance.

He has lofty goals set for himself,  many will be topics of discussion on this blog.  Will he succeed or fail?  Ultimately time will tell, yet he knows his goals are achievable, through persistent hard work and strategic planning.  He is engaged in a stubborn pursuit towards these goals, and know that failure is not a option.  He is hungry…